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  • Erisin ES165 Universal Car/Vehicle Remote Central Door Lock Keyless Entry System

Erisin ES165 Universal Car/Vehicle Remote Central Door Lock Keyless Entry System

Universal Car/Vehicle Remote Central Door Lock Keyless Entry System


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The remote keyless entry system is a system designed to remotely permit or deny access to premises or automobiles, it performs the functions of a standard car key without physical contact; power door locks can be locked or unlocked from several feet away or even from inside a building.

It's like a electronic key with function of Car Central Lock, Automatic Locking After Leaving, which is compatible for any cars.

The system operates by broadcasting radio waves on a particular frequency. Most RKEs (remote keyless entry system) work on 315 MHz in North America and Japan, and 433.92 MHz in Europe. Your original car key is still effective for previous functions even after installation of our system. 

- Remotely lock / unlock control your car door.
- Direction light flashing 
- Rising power window (Your car must have the window rising button)
- Electric / pneumatic central door lock optional.
- Remote car location
- Remote trunk release (Your car must have the trunk release button)
- LED status indicator
- Central door lock automatically
- Universal for any cars.

Why buy this Keyless Entry System?

- You can be locked out if you've lost or misplaced your keys;
- Your hands are full occupied with many or bulky bags after shopping;
- Not to mention the fear that your keys can be copied and used by thieves to access your confidential data or precious belongings, for complete peace of mind an convenience, this system implements encryption to prevent car thieves from intercepting and spoofing the signal. 

- Material Type: plastic 
- Type: Portable

*Main Unit*
- Color: Black
- Output Current:
  =>Signal Light: 5A*2
  =>Siren: 10A
  =>Central Lock: 10A
- Voltage: 12±2V
- Static Current: <15mA (except indicator sensor)
- Indicator Current: 20mA intermittently
- Shock Sensor Current: < 1mA
- Working Frequency: 315MHz~433.92MHz
- Distance: 80~100 meters

*Remote Control*
- Voltage: 12V 
- Current: Almost 0mA
- Coding: Learning code
- Frequency: 315MHz~433.92MHz
- Code times: ﹥million

Operation Instruction
1. Please keep the remote controller away from water to ensure normal performance.
2. The installation had better to be operated by the technician in 4S automobile stores or formal automobile repair stores, rather than yourself.

- Size: 75mm L*60mm W *30mm H 
- NW: 220g GW: 234g

Package Content:
- Control Box (Main Unit) * 1 
- User's Manual in English * 1
- Remote Controller * 2
- Wire Harness * 1

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